Popularity of Bitcoin

At a time of publishing the article, value of one bitcoin is above $10,000. This price will make anybody to invest in this currency called Bitcoin—and many people have already started doing so quite often. Even governments, like China are trying hard to break in this Bitcoin world. Currently, China is trying hard to crackdown on the citizens buying or selling Bitcoin just by closing the exchanges; however that has just made it quite popular.

Form of New Gold

Bitcoin is called a “new gold.” Just think about Gold Rush and country’s push for mining as much as possible. That is how Bitcoin has become now. There’re many conspiracies surrounding who made Bitcoin, but nobody can come up with the feasible conclusion. Creator is said to be Japanese, Satoshi Nakamoto for publishing article explaining about Bitcoin before this started getting mined.

Popularity of Bitcoin

The popular conspiracy in US is Bitcoin was made and run by NSA. Suppose it was true, however, this will certainly diminish anonymity of Bitcoin that makes conspiracy theorists little hesitant to use the currency. There is also the idea thrown over in a Bitcoin world that Szabo—American computer scientist & cryptographer—is an inventor of this currency Bitcoin.

Where to Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is frequently used in the black market because of the relative anonymity; however there are many places, in US, that allow the Bitcoin transactions. Some of brands like Microsoft, REEDS Jewelers, Dell, Overstock.com and Expedia are some places that accept the Bitcoin currency as the legitimate payment. As Bitcoin gains popularity, more and more places will likely allow the use of Bitcoin.