Beautiful Nail Extensions – Shape Up Your Nails

Accesorios manicura

When it comes to nails, girls are very interested. Why? The fact that nails add beauty to the hands, it can also be an expression of being a fashionista. Indeed, girls become interested when they heard something new about nail beautification. Although not all girls are interested in beautifying nails, still a large number of women spend time to go to a parlor. They ask for a manicure service to make their fingers look girly, neat, and clean. But, not all shapes of the nail have a good cut and shape. It might be the nail of Ms. A is not as good of shape like Ms. B. Geles constructores will create and build a good shape to the nails. It comes with a medium to a thick gel, it is stronger.

How does builder gel work?

Geles constructores are used by nail professionals for natural nail overlays and nail extensions. The strength of the gels can be compared to the acrylic nails. Nail gels need to be cured and set. This way, it ensures that the application of the gel is durable and it will last long. Nail professionals used nail lamp to do the nail extension and nail overlay procedure. Nail lamp comes into two types: a UV lamp and LED lamp. A UV lamp is commonly used lamp while the LED lamp is the latest and fast curing lamp. A UV lamp can set both LED and UV gels. There are two types of builder gels known as the following:

  • Hard gels. This is a type of gel that needs to be buffed off.
  • Soft gels. This type of gel needs to be soaked off.

Accesorios manicura

The main advantage of the builder gel

A builder gel has a primary advantage, its versatile ability to create and build the shape of the nail. Also, it has the ability of additional strength of the nails. Did you know that flat nail shape can change its look with the use of a builder gel? Indeed, very flat shape and keep breaking nails are common problems. So, these problems can make the nails look unattractive. A builder gel can alter the shape of a flat nail, add up an upper arch using the gel. The combination of added arch and builder gel will add strength. Also, it stops the nails from breaking. Natural nail overlays are mostly requested. It does not need to extend the length of the nails, but it enhances its strength. This is mostly requested than having lovely long nails. But, there are still women wanted to have nail extension which builder gel can make it.