How To Use Guide Rails

Circular Saw Guide Rail

Whenever we think about a straight and perfect cut, we of using a table saw set up. Do we know that we can get it done even by using a circular saw? Yes, it is possible when you get a guide rail to use with your circular saw. The circular saws are light in weight and you can move them in the way you want very easily.

Now, when you get a guide rail for  circular saw, you need to know how to operate it. Here is a complete step by step guide to using your guide rail in a correct way.

guide rail for circular saw

The process of Using a Guide Rail Properly

To make a perfect cut using a guide rail, you need to be careful about some facts. First and foremost, set the appropriate cutting depth. While you set the depth, check the thickness of the guide rail as it will impact directly on the workpiece if you’ve not chosen the right thickness of the rail. Always remember, the teeth of the saw are responsible for cutting, not the blade. So, while setting the rail make sure that the teeth have been set correctly on the workpiece. Once you are done with the settings, concentrate on the blade. Make sure that you’ve picked up the right blade according to the object that you are going to cut. Compatibility matters, so,  before setting the guide rail to your circular saw, be sure of the fact that they are compatible with each other. Once you are done with these, put on a pair of safety glasses. This is important because while cutting, you may have a bad experience like getting the eyes damaged by the little pieces of the object that you’re cutting as they can come towards your eyes with a force. If you are cutting inside, put on a safety mask and use a window fan to get rid of the dust storm caused while you cut a workpiece. If you are using a straight edge guide, don’t forget to line up the guide with marks and tightly clamp it. By doing so, you will be able to produce a world-class cabinet style cutting work.

Hope this article helps you to get a clear idea about how you can use a guide rail with your circular saw to perform an outstanding cutting work. Never avoid the safety guidelines to ensure that you can complete the work properly by keeping yourself safe. After all, an eternal truth that we all need to remember is we can get a replacement of our hands or legs with a wooden one, but we will never be able to see with wooden eyes. Be safe, enjoy working!