When do you repair your air conditioner?

aircon servicing

When do you repair your air conditioner? This problem has been raised by countless people over the years. According to experts in the field, HVAC devices must receive service on a regular or regular basis. This includes every 3-4 months, which tend to coincide with seasonal transitions. If you have a service contract, it should not cost you much. If your contract has expired, you can easily call other companies or specialists in this field. With regular maintenance, you can certainly reduce energy prices in all areas. You can also reduce the cost of any upgrade or repair, as well as extend the life of your home or commercial HVAC units.

aircon servicing

Maintenance tips for the summer season

Since air conditioners are used mainly in the summer, there are strategies to reduce costs. Without regular maintenance, the air conditioning unit can lose up to 5% of its initial efficiency each year. To restore this efficiency and proper functionality, HVAC maintenance is a must. Many local companies also use an extensive checklist to make sure all parts are in good condition. Considering the fact that A / C devices are being widely used during these hot months, the checklist includes:

* Capacitor coils

* Check compressor amplifier

* Oil fan motors

* Reconstruction belt

* Check the operating pressure of the system

* Diagnosis of engine leaks and repair / adjustment of the blade.

* Check the coolant level (freon)

* Check the air filter. Replacing the ventilation holes.

* Lubricate mobile components. Check the thermostat.

* And much more.

Heating maintenance tips

Since heaters are mainly used during the winter months, they must guarantee their functionality in all areas. An HVAC tested specialist can solve heating problems with high precision. They can also search for pipes or leaks of components. Regardless of whether your systems use electrical or gas components, these experts are certified to work with several brands. They can even easily test both water tanks and tankless heaters, as well as their advantages. In recent years, several homeowners and businesses have updated their standard thermostats. With a digital thermostat, people have better access and control of both cooling and heating at home or in the workplace.

Service benefits of your air conditioner

By aircon servicing, you ensure the correct flow and distribution of air. In addition to reducing costs, it also protects your units and your loved ones. This is especially true for family members who are concerned about respiratory problems and disorders. The last thing you need is for your device to stop working in mid-summer.