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If you are a devoted gamer like the rest of us, being unable to play when you badly want to win more and engage more in your favourite game can feel like a punishment. While games are made to be engaging and sun, there are times when all this fun is sucked out of it due to penalties and restrictions. Yes, it’s true that these penalties are needed to make the gameplay fair but who wants to have a timeout on the bench playing for the low priority wins. Doesn’t that suck!

Well, if you are in a similar pinch, then DOTA 2 low priority removal can save you. You can easily buy lp removal from any DOTA 2 service site offering that particular service for prices as low as $5! So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get into what this all is about.

What do you mean by DOTA 2 Low Priority?

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If you have engaged in foul behaviour in the game which is seen to be unfit for the community, your account will be subjected to a temporary matchmaking penalty called Low priority. Accounts which are subjected to these Low priority penalties are restricted to Single Draft mode for a specific number of games. So typically, if you want to remove this penalty then you need to win the specified number of wins in the low priority penalty.

Now you must be wondering how the game decides the number of penalties wins to be required to clear it? It’s simple. The number of games to be played is based upon the account’s playing history and conduct summary.

What can result in this penalty?

There are certain behaviours that can lead to the penalty such as leaving matchmaking which is not marked: ‘safe to leave’, getting reported by other players for detrimental in-game behaviour, negatively using hero abilities, continued AFK behaviours, etc. If you intentionally to not join a game that you yourself participated in can also lead anlppenalty. Also, it must be noted that inviting or playing with player who has this penalty can lead to everyone in the part getting a low priority penalty.

Basically, it would suck if you fall in the lp penalty hole. The best and quickest way to get it removed is by using these lp removal services. They offer trusted removal for minimal prices within 12 hours of purchase. Unbelievable!