How To Check If A Limo Service Is Reliable?

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Chicago’s nightlife and waterfront location are a major attraction for both tourists and residents alike. Along with this, there are many upscale dining options as well as museums, parks and more to visit. If you are visiting this windy city, then you could opt for renting a car and driving yourself around. But if you are new to the city, then it can spell problems for you when it comes to directions and the general rules of the city. Another option is to hire a limo service Chicago. With a limo you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of it all. But while looking for an appropriate limo service of Chicago, you must follow some steps. These will let you choose the one which is the best:

Talk to people

The first rule is to always talk to people who have previously used such a limo service. So ask around and talk to your family, friends, coworkers and more. If you find that people have indeed used a limo service, then ask them for referrals. This is a great way to ensure that you get a reliable service. But if there’s no one who has used such a service previously, then you can search online for companies which have good reviews and ratings.

Check the credentials

No matter where you get the number of the limo company from, it’s always advisable that you do some background check of yours. The best way to begin is by looking into the credentials of the company. It needs to have license to offer the service and it needs to have valid certification as well. Along with this, see if the company has an insurance. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong, then you will not be liable and instead the company will be.

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It is necessary to inquire just how many years the limo service has been in operation. Experience is important because there’s a lot of coordination which needs to take place for a successful ride. So it is advisable that you prefer limo services which have years of being in this business and also has trained chauffeurs. This is almost like a little guarantee that you won’t have to suffer from disappointing rides or delays. But if you are going for a new company then look carefully into the experience of the staff.

No. of vehicles in the fleet

You should know just how big the fleet size of the company is. This is because you certainly don’t want to be disappointed on the day of the event by knowing that your vehicle is engaged somewhere else and will be a little late. Also ensure that they have different types of limos ranging from stretch SUVs, shuttle buses, Mercedes and more.

Inquire about the cost

After you have decided on a limo service, make sure that you find out about the cost of hiring one. This is because limo services could come with extra cost on top of the base rate. This can include additional charges for fuel, administration costs, toll fees, driver tips and more.

At the end, always see the vehicle you are getting and then confirm it. This will ensure that you can tour the city in the car you always wanted to.