Some drawbacks with this video game Pokémon go:

There are many benefits of playing video games. Besides that there are also risks to be focused on playing the games. Among them Pokémon go video games gained immense popularity in the current gaming industry. Especially, being an adventurous game and also in order to complement gaming strategy to play, you can make use of pokemon go accounts evenly. It even comes with life time warranty assurance.

Ok. Let’s see some risks are encountered in playing this Pokémon go video game:

  • This game has adverse risks or drawbacks as well. Physically, this game effects the eye health initially where these players keep on watching their smart phone screens for long hours.
  • Besides that, people are also falling into accidents while in their search of their hidden Pokémon. It is happened while walking, driving on cars or bicycles like that and it is all due to continuous watching their smart phones screen during adventuring. Actually you are offered with information that helps you to get the ownership of your account by purchasing pokemon go accounts from Pokémon stores like.
  • Of course, this game is the best one to the people those who are suffering from psychological disorders especially the people from phobia, stressed ones like that. But once you get addicted to this game, over playing levels might drastically affect these patients a lot. So, over fantasy is not recommendable for this game and in fact in any video game, much addicted fantasy is not entertained as it results in increasing psychotic patients.
  • It is shocking that this game also results in doing crimes by many people according to recent reports. Actually this game is adventurous where you need to search the Pokémon in some place where it got hided. In this context, people those are in search of these Pokémon’s are being attracted with smart phones by some strangers. Mistakenly, these people enter into some dangerous places and finally it ends with criminal assaults. So, players be careful in this regard.
  • This game is becoming as burdensome to players somehow. In fact this game needs much data and micro transaction where most of the kids and adults invested more money in this regard. As we all start playing this game for free but later on to get the enough data we are required to spend as much money on it. This is one of the drawbacks that tend to lose players of this game.


Besides several benefits of playing these video games, you have to make sure of knowing the risks got featured simultaneously.