Getting Yourself The Best Pokemon Go Account

Getting Yourself The Best Pokemon Go Account

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to build the perfect Pokemon GO account. Sometimes you just want to play with everything already there. This may be because you are busy and cannot find the time to head out and catch what you want. That is okay because you can always opt to buy a premade Pokemon GO account. There are a number of pokemon go account for sale that you can choose from. Deciding which one to get is all up to you. Think of what is the optimum starting point for yourself and look for an account the fits it. You do not have to spend hours and hours ranking up XP. You can now just buy an account and play at your pace.

Finding The Right Account

When it comes to Pokemon GO, there really is no right account. Each one will have its pros and cons. In this case just make sure you get one that you are happy with. Take the time to shop around and look at all the benefits for each account. Look into the Pokemons they have and the trainer level they are one. If you are a beginner then a level 20 trainer is enough to get you started. This way you can still have some freedom in building the account to make it your own.

Getting Yourself The Best Pokemon Go Account

Look ForĀ  Items

Pokemon Go accounts are more than just Pokemon and trainer levels. You will also want to see how many candies are available. You will need these candies to power-up the Pokemon and make them battle-ready. YOu may also want to look into the items available. Make sure there is a good number of Pokeballs, which you will need to catch additional Pokemon. Also look to see what kind and how many eggs are included in the account. See to it that there is also fruit available. These may seem like small details, but they go a long way in helping you enjoy the game more.

Make Sure Its The Team You Want

In Pokemon GO your trainer can choose from 3 different teams. These teams will dictate which gyms you are a master of. When choosing an account make sure to get one with the team you want. Though over time teams have become less important, it is still best to get the one you like best. This will make the game extra enjoyable and fun to play with.