Luxury touch to the house

If you think there is a need to give an elegant touch to your house, not to worry this can be done at avery affordable and reasonable cost. Sunroom at the most trendy and elegant extension, screen rooms in Ottawa, ON provide service of scree room is worth of investment. It sure that one can enjoy even in summer by being in the sunscreen and have a fun time.

Types of screen rooms:

  • There is a preference forwhite, sandstone, or even bronze finish screen room. It can resist hot sun, protects from scratching, fading, and also chipping which gives a great colourto the room.
  • A neutral colour palette grants an enclosure that coordinates with an existing home.
  • There isthe availability of especiallyelectrical raceway designs that make wiring a room.
  • There are lots of roof options such as single types which consist of the roof sloping toward one more familiar as a shed roof that can help to fix adjustable pitch to get maximum flexibility and helps to enjoy a seamless look.

  • The other type of screen room roof is gable which has two sections of a sloping roof in opposite directions which are attached to a center of the ridge beam.
  • The screen room helps to customize the existing porch or patio and build rooms underneath. The material that is used in its manufacturing are of high quality and give stability to a roof. It also has maximum insulation that helps to create a comfort zone.
  • I-beams are also one of the best options that have maximum strength and durability of the roof and can be used in the construction of a large room. Patented glass roof panels are available varying from 3 inches to six-inch roof panel systems. There is a great chance to enjoy the maximum natural light that brightens up the space. There is also an option to flush the roof to avoid snow and ice formation.
  • There is an option of advanced weather lock which allows blowing wind helps to seal out the more option is that of a weather-stripping door that keeps debris, insects, or bugs out and creates comfort.


By Incorporating this sunscreen, you are sure to enjoy the outdoor being inside your venue or at home. You are sure to have enjoyed the serenity and beauty of nature which in turn gives them the energy to have positive thoughts for an entire day.