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Over the last couple of decades, there has been a giant explosion of study peptides worldwide wide web; some are offering a sunless tan’ while others might help stop male and female sexual dysfunction. Some of you might not have heard of them, but I will guarantee you that if you looked for them in Google, you’d see them in a minute! So, where did they all come from? Since the early nineties, there has been various scientific research into how tanning peptides chemicals that naturally occur inside the human body impact our growth; that ranges from hormone growth to the increase of our bodies and the chemical changes required to make our bodies function.

By completing extensive research in these procedures, scientists could synthesize various distinct peptides, each one more unique from the other. These research peptides were subsequently studied in clinical trials to check whether or not they are used on people.

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One definite trial held at the pharmacology department of the University of Arizona was Melanotan two’. This peptide was developed to speed up the process of melanogenesis; this is the process of tanning peptides that the body initiates to alter the skin’s pigment cells or, in other words, a suntan. The scientists believed that by speeding up this process, the body would create a sunless tan’, therefore, protecting people from damaging UV rays which then would help battle skin cancer.

The tests proved to work, and the research peptides that they created were then licensed to various biotechnology companies throughout the world. An extremely popular and desired peptide was PT-141; this is the peptide used to treat sexual dysfunction among men and women. Clinical information has proven that PT-141 may and has been used to treat erectile dysfunction among men. It differs from other options such as Viagra as it works directly on the nervous system; Viagra operates on the circulatory system; the distinction between these is that using the nervous system PT-141 directly increases sexual desire. Amongst girls, sexual arousal disorder was proven to be a common problem; with the usage of PT-141, this ailment was suppressed, and early tanning peptides clinical trials using girls reported that they were prone to be tremendously aroused during sexual intercourse.