How To Use A Percolator Bong

A percolator bong is an excellent choice for anyone looking for smooth, filtered smoke with increased clarity as well as flavor. percolator bongs are composed of four components: the stem, downstem, bowl, and perc. Typically made out of glass, these parts are interchangeable and can be mixed and matched depending on your preference – although some percolators come in specific shapes, like the Tangiers Phunckle Showerhead Perc Glass Bong.

The percolator design is an example of a diffused bowl, which means the smoke is distributed via diffusion rather than direct contact. The result is a smoother hit with improved control over the amount of smoke. Percolators also allow for longer, greater impacts and more control over how much smoke you want to inhale.

An additional benefit of percolators is that they do not concentrate the chemicals and toxins in the smoke – making them especially good for those looking to quit smoking or reduce their exposure to tar and other smoky traits found in traditional pipes. Additionally, percolators are generally easier to clean and far less expensive than glass pipes or high-end bongs.

When choosing a percolator, consider your budget and the look and feel you are looking for. Percolators come in various shapes, including detailed water chambers or more streamlined and simple ones like the Tangiers Phunkle Showerhead Perc Glass Bong. Additionally, some bongs have different-sized bowls and downstems to help keep you from getting too much smoke in one hit.

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Before you start using your new bong, it is essential to ensure you have all the right parts. While the perc is often exposed to the most abuse because it is typically the most intricate part, this type of glass bong can be difficult or even impossible to clean if a part becomes chipped or cracked.

Percolators are typically used with water pipes and are generally easier to use than water pipes as they are more self-explanatory; however, some percs don’t fit into all standard-sized bowls. If you have an acrylic or mini-bong, be sure that your perc will check appropriately before purchasing – Acrylic Bongs and Mini Bongs come in a variety of sizes.

Finally, it is essential to be careful when using a percolator bong, and the proper setup is required. While the perc can be handled like any other bowl or be held by the base, it should never be put directly in your mouth as it could break or crack if hit too hard. It is also recommended not to hold your bong by the perc as this can increase pressure and cause damage to the glass piece. Bongs will come with all the necessary parts and pieces; however, it’s always a good idea to double-check before using them.