Managing an office without secretaries is impossible

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A company registered in Hong Kong must have a local office there. One of the directors must be a natural person who lives in Hong Kong or is a resident of Hong Kong. As a result, you can outsource allĀ hong kong secretarial services needs to us if you are interested in taking advantage of free trade in Hong Kong and exploring China, the world’s largest market.

Start a local company with a local address. Register the company with Inland Revenue Hong Kong’s Business Registration Office within one month of starting the company. Make sure you apply for all specific government permits, licences, certificates, and approvals required starting your business operation in company secretarial hong kong. In the Significant Controllers Register, Hong Kong companies are required to maintain constant information on beneficial ownership.

It takes some 18 months after a company is incorporated for the first profit tax return to be filed. Companies must file profits tax returns within one month of receiving them, or by the date specified on the profits tax return they receive. The Companies Ordinance also requires that all Hong Kong companies file statutory returns with the Companies Registrar in a timely manner.

In addition to these general accounting compliance requirements, Hong Kong requires that all companies have their annual audited accounts performed by a certified public accountant. Another requirement is the maintenance of accounts receivables.Hong Kong companies can be incorporated by non-residents using a local company secretary and office space, since you are not required to be a resident to do so.