The Services Offered by a Close Protection Agent

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A close protection agent, commonly known as a bodyguard, closely monitors clients to prevent and stop a security threat. Public figures are under threat of murder, kidnapping, and assault. The duty of these agents is to prevent all these threats when the client hires him. Agents must also prevent other threats, such as loss of personal information and security breaches. It is important to know the client and its popularity before daring to provide the necessary security. The officers are organized by security agencies that offer the required training to clients.

There are several requirements for the job of a bodyguard agent.

Most security agencies hire employees who already have experience in the military, police, or security services. While this qualification is not a restriction, experienced individuals are preferred. The need for agents is growing, and agencies hire newcomers and provide them with the necessary training. Communication and interpersonal skills are necessary for close protection to work cooperatively with other people and clients.

Physical fitness is a mandatory requirement to work as an agent. The agent must be able to handle crises, and potential armed intruders may threaten the client. Without physical training, an agent cannot protect his client. The agent must have clear vision and hearing. Knowledge of martial arts is an added advantage. The agent must also be proficient with firearms and other similar weapons to protect his client..

An emergency occurs suddenly, and a close security officer must act immediately. If the operation is tense, everything collapses. The agent must be calm during a crisis and think about the next immediate step necessary to protect the client. Emotional stability is also vital, and the agent should not be afraid when hurt.

There are no time limits forĀ close protection London agents. You must follow the customer day or night. For this reason, the security authorities assign more than one agent to their clients and allow them to work in shifts. Agents are also encouraged to work different shifts. The agent must travel in the same vehicle as the client, be it a car, bus, train, plane, or other vehicle.


Agent confidentiality is required. It is a person who constantly works with the client and knows more about the client’s personal life. A close protection agent should never reveal any information about a client. There are cases of betrayal by multiple agents, so close protection companies do a lot of background and loyalty checks before selecting an agent.