Are private detectives involved in pre-marriage investigations

To crack difficult situations, private investigator agencies have emerged over the years where a wide range of professionals come together to solve cases. Gone are the days when a single detective worked on a case for months together with a secretary by his side.An experienced detective agency will first ask you for the suspect’s name, address, and photo. The matrimonial investigation may also ask you for other information, such as the suspect’s email address, phone number, vehicle details, employment, Facebook, etc.

Even if you don’t know much, you should not worry. Just give the basic information, and a representative will be able to find out more.Investigations are conducted discretely and any client information will never be revealed. The investigation process includes a variety of activities, investigations, observations, and social media analysis.

Unlike state-licensed investigators, private agents do not get in touch with a suspect’s family or friends, or neighbors. This is because these people may have preconceived opinions and their input could be detrimental to the marriage decision.Throughout the investigation, the subject will never be told who you are, and you will remain anonymous. It is an oath of confidentiality that the investigator takes, protecting your identity and keeping your information safe.

The Veteran Investigation Services is one of the most reputable private detective agencies for pre-marital investigations in metro cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai.It can provide details on a subject’s health status, educational background, employment history, asset and background investigations, social status, personality traits, and relationship status, as well as their current and previous criminal background checks.

How to Apply for a Green Card for Your Same-Sex Partner?

The US citizens along with the green card holder can now file a petition for having their same-sex spouse. Recently, the US Supreme Court has recently upturned the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and also stated that it somehow violated the constitution. Also, a section of this act barred the citizens of the US and the permanent resident holders from sponsoring their same-sex partners. In addition to that, it also denied providing federal and immigration-related benefits to the same-sex couples. Fortunately, you can now consult the same sex immigration lawyers to apply for the green card if in the US.

File Form I-130 for application of your same-sex foreign partner

So, if you are already a US citizen or even a permanent resident and in case you are legally married to your same-sex foreign partner- well, then you can file FORM 1-30 along with a petition for having an Alien Relative along with USCIS in order to get your partner the green card. You can also do the same on behalf of your spouse. Also remember, that at the time of filing the form you will have to submit some documents as well as the photograph of your partner. Additionally, with all of this, you will also require to fill and submit Form- G-325A for both of you. Similarly, your petition must carry the documents in order to make sure that your spouse legally.

Supporting Documents you require when applying for Green card

You being a US citizen can easily file the petition with Form I-130 for your spouse who is settled in abroad or somewhere within the country. Remember, your spouse must adjust his/her status to permanent resident status or can also go through various consular processing by hiring same sex immigration lawyers.  Following are the list of supporting documents that you might be asked to submit along with your immigration petition:

  • Copies of the marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of your children (if any)
  • Copies of previous divorce documents (if any)
  • Documents as evidence to establish that you and your same-sex partner are living together or have a common residence.
  • Affidavits duly signed by people who can confirm that your marriage is legal.