How to properly clean microfiber furniture at home?

Many homes have microfiber furniture sets in order to enhance the overall look and appearance. Months later, this furniture can get more stains, streaks, and drip traces. Thus, it should be cleaned properly on the regular basis. Every home maker has to know how to clean microfiber sofa sets.

Cleaning microfiber furniture:

The following are the simple but effective steps to clean the microfiber sofa in a perfect manner.

  • First, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust and dirt on this microfiber furniture.
  • Use white vinegar or alcohol to rub on the surface. It is an optional step and you can also skip it if you don’t like to do.
  • Use a spray bottle to sprinkle the detergent or other gentle cleaner on it.
  • Use clean white cloth or sponge to wipe on the surface.
  • For the gentle scrubbing, you can also use soft bristled and white brush.

You can add detergent or vinegar solution only by mixing with some amount of water. Once the solution squeezed off on the surface of the sofa, you can start scrubbing with the cushion sides. You have to cover all the places which are dirtiest and clean them well. While learning how to clean microfiber furniture, don’t forget that you have to handle it gently and don’t push the sofa set. Whenever you are using the soft bristled brush to scrub this furniture, you should brush it in the slow circular motion. If there is any heavy stain or dirt, you should take some additional care to gently wipe it with the soft white cloth. Don’t use the color cloth for this cleaning purpose because some colors may stick to your sofa and spoil its entire look. You have to repeat these steps until all area of sofa is clean and dirt free.